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Affordable Cheque Printing Software in Dubai


WISECHEQUE is a smart and professional cheque printing software specially designed to manage all issued and collected cheques. It helps you to print your cheques with ease. You can print on the any banks cheque leaves or on any special stationary. Wise cheque printing software has all the predefined bank cheque layouts stored, which helps you to start printing your cheques in seconds without any mistakes. Wise Cheque printing software gives your company a professional impact infornt of your customers and suppliers. It makes your cheque look professional, error free and provides instant information of payments.

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Easily Track PDC Cheques

Wise Cheque Printing software helps you to make postdated cheques ( PDC ) and security or open dated cheques in seconds with complete cheque tracking using PDC alerts. Its alerts you prior to the cheque date which is about to debit in your bank account for clearance. It’s even helps you to categorize all Pending PDC and Cleared PDC with actual cheque clear date.

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Professional Impact of the Company

In handwritten cheques, there will be more chances of mistakes & over writing. Whereas printed cheques are professional, no over writing and no spelling mistakes. This gives your company a professional impact.

Automatically Converts Number to Words

As you type the amount in digits, wise cheque automatically converts it to words. This is very important in case of bigger amounted cheques. This saves a lot of time as well as from writing spelling mistakes.

Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Alert & Tracking

Wise Cheque helps you to keep complete track for all your issued (Pending & Cleared ) PDC Cheque, which is about to debit in your bank account for clearance. You get PDC alerts and emails prior to the cheque date.

Support Any Cheque Size

WiseCheque has predefined cheques layouts of all the banks in the software. Whether it is for company or personal cheques, it helps you to print in seconds in the price alignment.

Payment & Receipt Vouchers

Generate Payment voucher & Receipt voucher easily against single or multiple invoices. Voucher format can be customized with your company’s logo and information.

Bulk Cheque Printing

Wisecheque helps you to prepare bulk cheques easily. It help in preparing a list of cheques for the same payee, same amount but different date ranges as per the date interval.

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