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Wise CRM  

(Customer Relationship Management Software)

Wise CRM allows the business to develop long term relationship with established and new customers while helping stream line corporate performance.

It gives you a complete sales automation by adding sales persons, agents, prospect customers, recording customer enquiries with all details, enquiry matching search, enquiry source and mode, assigning enquiries to sales people, enquiry follow up and its history, enquiry follow up reminder alerts, enquiry listing, enquiry status, hot enquiries, Sales people appointments tracking, due date alerts, auto call notice, auto reminder notice, sales analysis etc.

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Affordable CRM Software in Dubai


Wise CRM gives you complete view of your sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Sales Force Automation

Build profitable relationships for long-term success, through advanced lead tracking and sales opportunity management. Wise CRM makes it easier to manage accounts, collaborate on sales opportunities, and accurately forecast pipeline and revenues.

Marketing Automation

A powerful marketing module capable of working the way you do. With its automatic multi-phase campaign scheduling, easy to use web driven forms, ROI calculator and more, it will help you drive more effective prospecting and improve the customer experience at every level.

Customer Service

Control costs, while delivering a superior customer experience that nurtures and encourages customer loyalty. In your multi-faceted role, Wise CRM will help to effectively track, manage and resolve issues, including technical support, billing and returns.


This powerful function gives you a more in-depth profile of your business, by automatically calculating essential statistics, ratios and dates to quickly identify values that are important to you and to the growth of your business.

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