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Wise DMS

- Documnet Management Software

Document handling activities can take hours and important information can be misplaced in the process, resulting in reduced productivity and legal issues. All these problems can be easily avoided with Wise DMS.

Our Document Managing System is a comprehensive and flexible software solution, capable of handling a number of company, employee, vehicles, assets and other related documents. It provides Document expiry alerts which help you well in advance, to prepare for re-new of document.

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Documnet Management Software in Dubai


Document Expiry Notification & Employee Information Software Solution, specifically designed for small to medium sized companies in UAE.

Manage Employee documents like Passport, Visa, Labor Card, Emirates ID, Driving Licenses etc
Manage Company documents like Trade Licenses, Ejari Contracts, Insurance, Important Contracts etc
Scans and retrieves documents any kind of Documents
Get dcoument expiry through Pop-ups, e-Mails and mobiles SMS alerts
Employee Vaction & Rejoining Date Reminder
Total management of vehicle documents like Vehicle Registration ID, Vehicle Insurance etc
Track Document Inventory & Flow to view movements of documents
Track all kind of assets service agrements & warranty
Futuristic Report Explorer creates any report you like in less than a minute
Mulit Company : Manage documents for multiple companies with access rights
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